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  • 6 STEM Gifts Your Child Will Love This Holiday Season

    Do you have a tiny tinkerer desperate for new things to build? How about a creative coder endlessly attached to their computer? Or maybe your child is a devoted designer, always rearranging the photos on their bulletin board, adding and subtracting stickers and embellishments until it’s picture-perfect? No matter what side of STEM brightens your [...]

  • The State of STEM Education Told Through 12 Stats

    If we’ve said it once, we’ve said it a thousand times—by 2018, 2.4 million STEM jobs will go unfilled. Even if you’ve heard it before, think about what it really means. When something goes “unfilled” or is left vacant, why is that? A winter flight to Fairbanks, Alaska might go unfilled—but that’s because there isn’t [...]

  • From Camper to Instructor to Software Engineer: Meet Collin

    Some days are like no other. You get to see something that explains exactly why you do what you do. On a gorgeous August day this past summer, I was welcomed to the Madden Electronic Arts office to meet with Collin Mackett, an iD alumna, and Madden Gameplay Software Engineer. I met up with Collin [...]

  • 4 Big Reasons To Register Early (Now) for Summer Camp

    Try to forget it’s November. Instead, transport yourself to May. The sun is out, and school is nearly out... Your summer planner is out, too, in front of you, but it has holes larger than the Grand Canyon. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to rush to figure exactly how your kids will [...]

  • Game Studio: The Evolution of iD Game Design & Development Academy

    We have launched, and we are live—have you heard what's new for 2018? Well, one of iD Tech’s biggest and most exciting developments for the upcoming season is our new Game Studio, featured in the iD Game Design & Development Academy. Hi, I’m Don, one of the educational designers creating Game Studio, and I’m here [...]

  • Our 2018 Summer Camp Season Has Launched—Here’s What’s New

    Before we get going, you should know this post is long and detailed, but useful. If you only have one short minute for the essentials, here you go: You can now register for 2018 summer programs. Start here. Our new brochure can be downloaded right this second, here. There are a number of new, exciting courses [...]